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Information on all the moths that occur or once occurred in Norfolk, with distribution maps, photographs, descriptions, flight graphs, latest records and more.
To date, 1894 moth species have been recorded in Norfolk since records began in the Victorian era.
We have over 2.9 million records of 692 species of macro-moth and 1202 species of micro-moth on display.
If you record moths in Norfolk, please send us your records and put you own dots on the maps!

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To date 1894 species of moth have been recorded in Norfolk since records began in the Victorian era (692 species of macro-moth and 1202 species of micro-moth.) This site aims to provide detailed information of all the moths that occur (or once occurred) in Norfolk, with photographs, descriptions, flight graphs, latest records, distribution maps and more!

It is now easier than ever to submit your own records and photographs using the online recorder. All verified records will be included in the County database. More Info...

With special thanks to the Norfolk Moth Survey group and Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies.

- Jim Wheeler (Norfolk County Moth Recorder)
Bird-dropping Tortrix Moths of the British Isles

by J.Clifton, J. Wheeler

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Recent Notables
Asian Holly Moth
Plesiomorpha flaviceps
Exapate congelatella (Frost Tortrix)1 
Leucania loreyi
Red-headed Chestnut
Conistra erythrocephala
Coleophora adjunctella (Saltern Rush Case-bearer)2 
Radford's Flame Shoulder
Ochropleura leucogaster

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