Members' Events/Meetings Disclaimer:

The Norfolk Moth Survey group (NMS)

Disclaimer for participation in events and field meetings.

The NMS shall not be held liable for any accident, personal injury or death that a member or their guests might suffer during any event or field meeting. Members and their guests attending any event or field meeting do so entirely at their own risk.

All equipment, items, belongings and other property, brought onto any event or field meeting by a member or their guests shall be at such persons own risk and the NMS accepts no liability for the loss or damage to such property. Further, the NMS will not be held responsible for any damage to the property of the land owner or any third party caused by a member or their guest.

The NMS recommends that members intending to operate their own equipment (including generators, light traps etc.) at field meetings have Public Liability Insurance cover which will cover any injury and damage to third parties arising from the activities of members and guests.

Public Liability Insurance is included as standard with membership to the British Entomology and Natural History Society (BENHS). see for more info. Other providers are available!