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To date c672 species of macro-moth along with c1128 species of micro-moth have been recorded in Norfolk since records began in Victorian times. This site aims to provide full details of all the species that occur (or once occurred) in Norfolk, with photographs, descriptions, flight graphs, latest records, distribution maps and more!

The recent Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles (D. Agassiz, S. Beavan, R. Heckford, 2013) has been integrated into the site, and includes new species names, families, species order and position numbers (ABH). Old names and numbers (BF) will always remain for reference.

It is now easier than ever to submit your records and photographs using the on-line recorder. All verified records will be included in the County database.

With special thanks to Butterfly Conservation Norfolk Branch and Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies.

- Jim Wheeler
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Moth: A moth is an insect closely related to the butterfly, both being of the order Lepidoptera. Moths form the majority of this order; there are thought to be 150,000 to 250,000 different species of moth, with thousands of species yet to be described. Most species of moth are nocturnal, but there are crepuscular and diurnal species. wiki

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01/12/2016 Ectoedemia rubivora (Dewberry Pigmy)+ 
08/11/2016 Ectoedemia turbidella (Grey-poplar Pigmy)+ 
08/11/2016 Phyllonorycter comparella (Winter Poplar Midget)+ 
05/11/2016 Ectoedemia hannoverella (New Poplar Pigmy)1 
Mompha jurassicella (Scarce Cosmet)1 

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