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Welcome to the award winning Norfolk Moths website! New features, better navigation, improved interactivity, all with fresh new styling.

New for 2014, the brand new Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles (D. Agassiz, S. Beavan, R. Heckford) has been integrated into the site, and includes new species names, families, species order and position numbers (ABH). The original species reference numbers (BF) will remain.

To date c667 species of macro-moth along with c1112 species of micro-moth have been recorded in Norfolk since records began in Victorian times. This site aims to provide full details of all the species that occur (or once occurred) in Norfolk, with photographs, descriptions, flight graphs, latest records, distribution maps and more!

It is now easier than ever to submit your records and photographs using the on-line recorder. All verified records will be included in the County database. - Jim Wheeler

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If you record moths in Norfolk please send us your records!

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Oncocera semirubella (Rosy-striped Knot-horn)1 
23/07/2014 Angle-striped Sallow
Enargia paleacea
Ruddy Carpet
Catarhoe rubidata
Waved Black
Parascotia fuliginaria
Monochroa palustrellus (Wainscot Neb)1 
18/07/2014 Cochylidia rupicola (Hemp-agrimony Conch)1 
18/07/2014 Epinotia nanana (Small Spruce Bell)1 
Nemophora fasciella (Horehound Long-horn)1 
19/07/2014 Four-spotted Footman
Lithosia quadra
16/07/2014 Six-belted Clearwing
Bembecia ichneumoniformis
11/07/2014 Shaded Fan-foot
Herminia tarsicrinalis
Adscita statices

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Title photos Commophila aeneana and Cinnabar
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